Copyright Notice

Copyright Notice

Posted on 15/02/2019

We take great pride in our web site, photography and content, and obviously take copyright very seriously.  

All of the content on this web site (photography, text, code and opinions) and associated media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) is the legal property of Black and Gold.  

Would you like to use our content? 

All we ask is that you request permission to do so.  Sometimes we say yes, other times we may refuse but it is not O.K. to just take our photos, videos or copy and use it for your own gain without written permission.

You may not re-use our content without written permission and simply credit it back to us.  

To make it as clear as possible,  if we have not provided you with written consent to use our work then you are doing so illegally.

What happens if you use our content without permission?

By not adhering to the terms above, if you go ahead and use our content without permission then we may invoice you for what we deem to be an acceptable charge, based on equipment use, time to create the content and damages.

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