Black and Gold FAQs

Black and Gold FAQs

Posted on 15/02/2019

Who are you?

The Black and Gold campaign has been established by a group of committed Port Vale supporters who have lost patience with the current owner, Norman Smurthwaite. We fear for the future of the football club and would like to see the club bought by professional, progressive owners.

What can I do to help the campaign? 

Buy a black and gold scarf and wear it at the games. Tell as many other Vale fans as you can about the campaign. Direct them towards this website so they can discover for themselves the purpose of the campaign. Also, join us in peaceful post-match protests at the main entrance of the club. 

How is the Black and Gold campaign being financed?

The website hosting costs have been financed by donations from the people directly involved in the campaign. The campaign supports the principle of change in the Board Room.

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