Morecambe Protest March

Morecambe Protest March

Posted on 16/02/2019

The turn out for the protest march prior to the Morecambe game was extremely encouraging.  Not only were the numbers greater than had been anticipated but the behaviour of those who took part was exemplary.  The number of black and gold scarves on display was also very pleasing.

Those fans who chose to belittle the marchers by asking whether or not the club had been sold at half time completely missed the point of the demonstration.  While the club is falling into what looks like terminal decline supporters have two options: do nothing or do something. The something on this occasion took the form of a march through Burslem and a pre-match protest at the ground.  Be assured, however, that this is not all that the Black and Gold group are doing.  We currently have a number of people investigating the behind the scenes goings on at the club and it is surprising what is being uncovered. 

Do not give up on this club.  It is worth saving for the generations of fans past and to come.  Don’t let one man destroy what has taken over a century to build.  There are alternatives.  Keep believing.


B&G would like to extend thanks to Pete Stonier for his images of the march and protest.

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