Red Card Protest Success

Red Card Protest Success

Posted on 10/03/2019

Saturday's crucial match versus Mansfield saw the re-arranged Red Card Protest.

Whilst it appears from social media, printed media and radio phone-in shows that the majority of fans would like to see Norman Smurthwaite gone, the true acid test is gauging the feeling of the long-suffering fans in the stands as a collective.  This visual protest gave us the perfect vehicle to do just that.

The Supporters' Club had 3000 red cards printed and every one was snatched up.  The comments we encountered whilst distributing the cards were overwhelmingly positive in favour of our efforts to remove Smurthwaite.  Even those that didn't take cards were still at pains to state that they were supportive but wouldn't take one because their child was in the academy or other such reasons.  The negative comments towards each volunteer could, quite genuinely, be counted on the fingers of one hand. To say that the message to Smurthwaite was one of a resounding vote of no confidence is one almighty understimation.

On top of the red card protest, we also appealed for fans to boycott the refreshment kiosks.  Whilst we would prefer fans not to give their cash over to the black hole that is Norman's questionable finances, it is their choice and we respect their wishes.  That said, it was pleasing to see the kiosks around the ground suffering from greatly reduced trade. We would urge fans to continue this boycott for the forseeable future.

This coming Tuesday will see the arrival of Yeovil Town to Vale Park.  Black & Gold, the Supporters' Club & North London Valiants would like to urge all supporters to continue the fine support of the team to roar them on to a further vital three points.  We will not be organising a structured protest at this match however, we urge you all to continue to wear your Black & Gold scarves (more will be on sale in The Crown pub in Burslem pre-match) which will shortly be on sale through this website.  If you still have your red cards from saturday then bring those along too.

Since it's a night match and some of the shops in town will be closed, let's make Yeovil a picnic.  It's going to be a chilly, blustery, proper midweek match at Vale Park.  So bring your flasks, fill your pockets, wrap up warm and keep the message a strong one.

Norman: your time is up.


Further protests will be announced in due course.

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